SUFFICIENT SLEEP Last month I addressed some of the wonderful things sufficient sleep can do for us. There’s the rub; SUFFICIENT sleep. What is it and HOW we obtain it are key. First, though, let’s talk a little about how sufficient sleep can positively impact our lives. How is it that sleep actually functions to […]


To Supplement or Not?

A big question on the minds of those who feel that “a little something extra” will help maintain health, especially when surrounded by infectious diseases. First, to clarify the terminology. Dietary supplement is a term that covers multiple preparations; vitamins (any of a group of organic compounds essential for normal growth and nutrition and are […]


Resolutions. A January edict?

How many people look at the word resolution and are proud, thinking of all those plans they made back in January of 2021 that they were able to fulfill to the best of their ability; a definite challenge with the pandemic and its accompanying obstacles, so kudos to them! Conversely, how many are now looking […]



Influenza. “Just the flu” has taken on a whole new sense of gravity in the past 18 months. To clear up some misconceptions and offer preventative and treatment information, let’s get started with what it is, and isn’t. The flu is far from an ordinary, run of the mill illness.   Even for a normally healthy […]