Influenza. “Just the flu” has taken on a whole new sense of gravity in the past 18 months. To clear up some misconceptions and offer preventative and treatment information, let’s get started with what it is, and isn’t. The flu is far from an ordinary, run of the mill illness.   Even for a normally healthy […]


If you’re dealing with chronic fatigue, low sex drive, intense premenstrual syndrome (PMS), cystic acne, mild depression, or other “random” symptoms, going against your natural rhythm might be the issue. Read on to learn how to heal the body through primary food methods that bring your female body back into balance.

Exogenous Ketones to take or not to take?

With so many reports and advertisements out there it’s difficult for one to know, to take exogenous ketones or not? I’ve decided after following a modified ketogenic lifestyle for years to give it a try! What harm could come from adding an additional supplement into my daily routine. Another way to look at it is, […]