Exogenous Ketones to take or not to take?

With so many reports and advertisements out there it’s difficult for one to know, to take exogenous ketones or not?

I’ve decided after following a modified ketogenic lifestyle for years to give it a try!

What harm could come from adding an additional supplement into my daily routine. Another way to look at it is, have I been doing myself a disservice by not adding it in sooner? What if anything have I been missing.

As I have always done, I take to the studies! I do my research and make my decision based on what I read, yes but in addition, about how I feel about it. Yes, how I feel! I use my intuition!

Don’t call me crazy, you know you’ve often relied on your “gut feeling” one time or another and it paid off, right? Always err on the side of what the gut is trying to tell you.

As a holistic health coach and personal trainer I have assisted my clients with weight loss for over 10 years. I listen to their needs and desires as it relates to their goals and supply the necessary tools for them to achieve them.

I believe this could be a great tool for not only them but you as well if you are embarking on your own ketogenic lifestyle.

So, what are Ketones, or ketone bodies you ask? They are chemicals that your liver makes when glucose (sugar) and glycogen (your body’s back-up carbohydrate stores) ARE NOT available for energy.

YOU start making ketones by:

Exercise through your glucose and glycogen stores
Stop eating sugar and foods that metabolize into sugar — carbs

Here’s a little bit of science about the process:

When your body gets the signal that you’re low on carbs and it’s time to break down fat for energy, acetoacetate is the first type of ketone body your body releases. When you first start, you have more acetoacetate than the other types of ketones, and as you continue, your beta-hydroxybutyrate levels climb until you’re producing all three in steady, sustainable proportions.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the good stuff. It packs the highest energy potential of the three ketone types, and your body really starts pumping out BHB during an extended fast or after the first few weeks on a ketogenic diet.


Keto Function IGNITE KETO is a Salt (KS) Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Salts are supplements designed to raise blood ketone levels. They provide your body with instant ketones to help you shift into ketosis and sustain a ketogenic state. Many people use exogenous ketones on a low-carb keto diet to help them avoid the keto flu or after a heavy day of carbohydrates to help them quickly get back into ketosis.

Another thing to mention about this product is… IGNITE KETO is gluten-free, vegan, and made without any artificial flavors or fillers.

I will be taking IGNITE KETO for two weeks and will video document my findings each day!

If you would like to begin your weight loss or ketogenic lifestyle to feel better, reduce the brain fog and find that energy you once had as a kid, please contact me, I would be happy to assist you on your journey.

FINDINGS: The dietary KE or KS maintain ketosis using drinks taken regularly around a normal meal pattern, or using a continuous infusion via a nasogastric tube. Therefore, ketone drinks are a viable and practical alternative to dietary strategies to achieve ketosis.

Nadine Bernathy CFT, CES, IIN