Exercise After Stroke

Exercise After Having A Stroke

Exercise is a good way to maintain your health through recovery, rehabilitation and the rest of your life.

Exercise can keep you fit and healthy – physically and mentally – to reduce the chance of another stroke and to improve your quality of life.

Master Fitness trainers come to your home or affiliated fitness center.

An individualized fitness plan designed by Master Fitness will get you set up and meet your individual needs based on your abilities.

We personally design your program based not only on your desires and goals but those of your Doctor(s), physical therapist and the alike. Master Fitness works closely with physicians and specialist to make sure your program is safe and effective for you!

Exercise is hard work but keep going! Every day tasks are repetitive, probably even boring but research has been shown that exercise benefits those who have suffered a stroke.

We are focused on 4 different types of exercise:

Strength- Increase your strength! Fitness for Daily living, become stronger so you can become more efficient in your daily tasks.

Aerobic (Endurance) – Increase your energy levels! Reduce fatigue! Improve your heart and lungs (cardiovascular health)

Balance– Reduce your risks of falls. Make it easier to move around in your daily activities.

Stretching- Keep those muscles relaxed and those joints mobile! When your muscles are relaxed and your joints mobile tasks like getting dressed, cleaning and cooking can be done quicker and pain free.

Master YOUR Fitness with Master Fitness.
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Nadine Bernathy CFT, CES, IIN