Brett August gained 6/7 pounds of muscle… astonishing results!

You are wonderful and meeting you has made my work out routine much more enjoyable, and the results are astonishing!

The work out program you created for me not only has me more focused and energized but seeing results and feeling much more stronger and it’s amazing!

I have increased my strength!
I have gained around 6 / 7 pounds of muscle!
I have a lot more muscle tone and definition!

The program you created also has helped me stay focused on what body part I’ll be working on that day. it’s much better going in with a game plane instead in winging it!

Nadine, I’m very grateful for you and what you have helped me with in the gym and outside as well. Everything you said has been positive and truly been a blessing so far!

We spoke, you took all the information in, you created a work out plan and it’s the best thing ever … I owe it all to you.

Brett August

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