Live Your Best Life

Each of us have our own “I can’t take it anymore” breaking point before we begin to change. Mine had come. But first it would take countless hours of research via the internet, books, writing meal plans, preparing the shopping list, researching the recipe’s. Sounds exhausting, right? It was.

It took many trial and error. Finding the right way of eating for me. What I liked and disliked about foods and workouts. How certain foods made me feel AMAZING and others pretty much made me feel like crap. How some workouts felt like a daunting task and other times it flew by and I experienced an invigorating PUMP of adrenaline.

For the first time in years, I witnessed the scale move, not only did it move, but it moved 3 lbs! That’s right, we celebrated three pounds, WHOOP WHOOP! It was exactly the motivation I needed to keep going. I did exactly that! I kept chipping away and making the necessary changes it would take to keep getting results. I won’t bore you with all the milestones I made along the way but they were HUGE, because in the end I had lost the weight. I had not only lost the weight but by doing so I became healthier.

I reduced my anxiety episodes, you know the racing heart that skips a beat and takes your breath away. I lowered my cholesterol, because no one wants a total cholesterol of 200 or greater, TRUST ME. I became a cleaner, leaner machine that would now run efficiently.

I hope you actually cannot relate to my story, because then it means you are living your BEST LIFE. Which is truly what I want and wish for everyone. I want everyone to experience their best and healthiest life. To experience that happy, energetic, free spirited life and to be free from being exhausted, experiencing low energy, being sad or depressed or worse, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. If this sounds familiar and you are ready for change, you are ready to implement the necessary tools to feel great and achieve wellness and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, contact me today... let's get you living your BEST LIFE!